The Original Drywall Backer for Supporting Interior Drywall Corners

The Small Item with the Big Impact – Save Money on Labor & Materials

The Nailer is an energy efficient drywall clip and drywall fastener

Changing the Way America Builds

The Nailer is the only patented drywall fastener that hard fastens to both the stud and the drywall. There is simply no reason to build with wood or metal blocking anymore.

Very seldom does a product come along that benefits all that use it. Whether you are a drywall and framing contractor, builder, home owner or supplier, all are Winners With The Nailer.

Come visit us at the NAHB International Builders Show January 19-21, 2016 at Booth #C1712.

Benefits of The Nailer

  • Eliminates extra wood or metal backing on the top plates and vertical corners
  • Reduces blocking time up to a staggering 80%
  • Less wood and metal to cut through for electrical and plumbing installations
  • Hip roofs need no bottom cords on jack trusses
  • Reduces call backs due to truss uplift
  • Increases energy efficiency and saves money while Building Green

Client Testimonials

We’ve been using The Nailer for years and find it a perfect match for Habitat’s objectives.  It is a simple, straightforward product that does exactly what it is expected to do.  Installation is easy and rapid for our volunteers, with...
Keith Cook, Co-President & Director of Construction, Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County
This product saves a minimum of $300 per 1,000 square feet of living space on material. All of the wood blocking on top plates and vertical corners is eliminated. Major construction companies could eliminate $2.5 million in material costs a...
Gerry Tygielski, Mountain Mission Farms
A decade ago or so I was wandering the aisles of a building trade show and in a far corner I found a little booth with a product called THE NAILER. Sitting on top a folding table was a big...
Paul Di Paola, Accent Homes, Inc.

The building industry can no longer be cavalier about their business. We must meet the challenge to eliminate safety issues, seek sustainable solutions to honor the environment, and optimize material and labor costs. THE NAILER is becoming a standard in the industry for these very reasons.

THE NAILER enhances job site safety and truthfully offers savings in materials and labor—while being a small and simple green building product with a big impact on energy savings and the environment. Our clients join us in the belief, that in the end, we are each responsible for the choices we make and the legacy we leave behind.

Andy Pizer

Andy Pizer
Inventor of THE NAILER
CEO Millennium Group