We’ve been using The Nailer for years and find it a perfect match for Habitat’s objectives.  It is a simple, straightforward product that does exactly what it is expected to do.  Installation is easy and rapid for our volunteers, with no awkward learning curves.  It helps us increase our energy efficiency by allowing for full fitting insulation and easy access for plumbing and electrical work. 

We use the 100% recycled plastic Nailer since it aligns with our energy commitment.  Saving money, wood, energy and time should be a serious objective for any HFH Construction Director.  This drywall fastener helps us do just that.  The Millennium Group has always provided us kind and swift service and we always get their Habitat discount.  The Nailer performs with exquisite simplicity.

Keith Cook, Co-President & Director of Construction, Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County

This product saves a minimum of $300 per 1,000 square feet of living space on material.

All of the wood blocking on top plates and vertical corners is eliminated. Major construction companies could eliminate $2.5 million in material costs a year and conserve that volume of wood. Five NAILERS eliminate one stud.

Labor costs are dramatically reduced since THE NAILER can be installed in half the time of traditional blocking and be done by someone with little or no experience.

Using this product also saves time for electricians and plumbers who now do not have to cut through traditional blocking.Using THE NAILER eliminates to difficult to insulate corners found in most sidewall construction. Full bats can be placed in the corners with no interruption of insulation. This eliminates corner freezing and cracking.

A side benefit of THE NAILER is that it is connected to the sidewall partitions and so can reduce the amount of truss uplift. This occurs when the trusses arch from season to season due to temperature and humidity change. This can eliminate a lot of ceiling repair costs and labor from corner cracking.I had read about this concept and have actually introduced it in my construction classes.

I was very pleased to find this product and use it in the construction of our Eco-Home.

Gerry Tygielski, Mountain Mission Farms

A decade ago or so I was wandering the aisles of a building trade show and in a far corner I found a little booth with a product called THE NAILER. Sitting on top a folding table was a big bowl of simple T-shaped pieces that I was told were drywall fasteners for supporting interior drywall corners. The vender told me that if I used this simple green building product I would assuredly save money and time. I decided to listen to his spiel.

The vender turned out to be Andy Pizer, the inventor of THE NAILER and it was clear that he believed in his product. Andy said he invented THE NAILER because he was weary of expensive call backs due to truss uplift and hated the arduous task of putting in blocking on every top plate and vertical corner. He told me we would save money on labor, that my subcontractors would not have to cut through extra framing for electrical and plumbing installation and that our insulation would fit snugly and easily making my homes more energy efficient. He said it would change the way we built.

He was right. We have been using THE NAILER for over 10 years. THE NAILER has been as simple and easy to use as Andy said it would be…and it does everything he said it would do. We simply don’t build without THE NAILER!

I am glad to see that they are finally taking the product national so other parts of the country can enjoy the benefits of this product like we have been doing. It is better than a stud!

Paul Di Paola, Accent Homes, Inc.

Can’t tell you how much we here at Salem Area Habitat for Humanity have enjoyed using your product. My first order was on blind faith that it looked like a great idea, and was quickly shown that prayers do get answered. As you probably know, Habitat for Humanity uses almost all volunteer labor. I took very little teaching to explain and show how to use THE NAILER and after some initial stumbling, the volunteers were looking for more places to put them and talked about removing some studs and saving them for the next house! I can tell you that THE NAILER preformed beautifully for us in a pretty good example of a stress test. In August of 2002, our affiliate built a house in 12 days at the Oregon State Fair, during the fair. A house moving company came in and set up two steel I beams that we built the entire house on from start to finish, and then moved the intact home onto its permanent foundation 1 mile from initial build site. After the house was moved, it was jacked up until we poured the foundation under it, and then lowered. We had an amazingly low number of cracks in the drywall and none involved THE NAILER. Well done!

John White, Habitat for Humanity