We’ve mentioned before that The Nailer is a green building product. Today, we will look in-depth at how The Nailer helps preserve the environment while saving you time and money.

What is green building?

Green building, or sustainable building, is about building structures with as little strain on the environment as possible. Sustainable buildings have less carbon footprint, preserve natural resources, conserve energy, and increase the quality of life for those who inhabit them.

Sustainable building is essential if we are to preserve our earth for future generations and combat global warming.

How is The Nailer green?

The Nailer is a sustainable building product for many reasons. The plastic and metal Nailers themselves are made of 100% recycled materials. Recycling is an integral part of sustainability in construction, as it reduces the number of natural resources consumed. Speaking of conserving resources, The Nailer can replace hundreds of wooden studs per home, saving lumber and preserving our forests which are vital to our planet’s health. The Nailer can even be used with steel studs, reducing the number needed in a build.

The environmental impacts of The Nailer don’t end once the building is completed. The Nailer significantly increases the energy efficiency of a home. The Nailer eliminates the need for extra studs in vertical corners, meaning there is plenty of room to properly install insulation without tearing or cutting it into smaller pieces. Corners will be better insulated, leading to less energy needed to heat and cool the home. Better insulation also lessens the risk of corners freezing and cracking, meaning the house can last longer without repairs.

Finally, The Nailer itself is sustainably produced by environmentally responsible companies. It is composed of renewable, recycled materials and made locally before being transported efficiently to its destination. Production of The Nailer has a minimal environmental impact and is just another way this product is helping preserve our planet.

As you can see, The Nailer is one of the greenest building materials available today. And you can do all this for less. Please read our blog post on saving money with The Nailer to learn how much you can save. We are happy to discuss the environmental impacts and savings of using The Nailer with you further, so please call us at (800) 280-2304 today to learn more!

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