We’ve mentioned before how The Nailer helps save the environment, but did you know it can also save you money? We’ve done the math, and The Nailer can save you over a dollar per square foot on a 2,000 square foot home. Today we’ll discuss how using The Nailer can lower your building costs while increasing efficiency.

Short Term Savings

Using The Nailer can help you significantly cut back on material costs. With The Nailer, you can eliminate the need for extra wood backing on the top plates and in vertical corners, eliminating many studs and saving money whether you’re using wood or metal framing.

To break it down even further, a single 8 foot pre-cut 2×4 will cost around $6-$8.50. You can replace one 2×4 with 5 Nailers for only $1.20. That’s $4.80-$7.30 in savings per stud!

The Nailer can also save you money in labor costs. This product is so easy to use that one laborer can block out a 2,000 square foot ranch in as little as four hours, a task that takes about 30 hours and two laborers when done the traditional way.

The upfront costs of The Nailer itself are also very low. We pride ourselves on low wholesale prices and single product purchases so that you can buy the precise amount that you need. 1,000 Nailers cost only 236 dollars, whether you choose the Original Nailer or the metal Nailer. We also sell all-in-one kits to help you get started and experience the power of The Nailer firsthand. And we always offer free shipping.

Long Term Savings

The Nailer increases energy efficiency by making fiberglass installation a breeze. Insulation can be placed appropriately to eliminate corner freezing and cracking and improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Finally, you’re less likely to run into expensive callbacks with The Nailer. By installing The Nailer properly in the corners, you allow the truss a bit of give and room to move without ripping the corner joints from the wall.

As you can see, The Nailer is not only a practical and environmentally friendly, 100% recycled product. It is cost-effective as well. If you have any questions, please call (800) 280-2304 or (970) 663-1200, and we’ll help you get started using The Nailer today!

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