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Galvanized Steel Drywall Backer

The only patented metal drywall backer that hard fastens to both the drywall and the framing.  Made from sturdy 20 gauge galvanized steel, The Nailer is far stronger than its knockoff products. The metal Nailer fastens to both the drywall and the framing with a screw gun. This is true for both wood and metal framing. Use a standard drywall or tek screw.


Recycled HDPE Plastic Drywall Backer

The original 100% recycled plastic Nailer is the only patented drywall fastener that hard fastens to both the drywall and the framing. Install with staples, nails or screws. Made in the USA

The Nailer All-In-One Sample Kit

Backs out  33 linear foot room, 16 on center*

  • 25 Galvanized Steel  Nailers
  • (25) 3/4″ Flast Pan Screws
  • (25) 1-1/4″ Drwall Screws
  • (1) 1/8″ Drywall Router Bit
  • (1) DeWalt Drywall Screw Setter

* The number of Nailers needed for a 33 linear foot room may vary depending on the configuration of your room.


The Nailer is that simple way…It is the original and only patented drywall backer that hard fastens to both the drywall and the framing and it comes in 100% recycled plastic and galvanized steel. The best benefit is that it increases your bottom line.  

Material Savings

You can save serious money on material alone. By eliminating the extra wood backing on the top plates and in all of your vertical corners you are lowering your expensive lumber or metal framing costs. Each of the top builders in the nation could save millions of dollars per year in material costs alone.

Labor Savings

You can install and block 2,000 sq. ft. in as little as 3 hours.  One person is able to install The Nailer without help or much experience.  By using The Nailer you are also saving on subcontractor costs since there is less wood to cut through for electrical and plumbing installation.

Energy Efficient

Using The Nailer increases your energy effectiveness and fiberglass insulation will install with ease. No more stuffing small cavities with torn or cut fiberglass. The Nailer allows insulation to be properly placed without compromise and eliminates corner freezing and cracking.


Green Building

If you chose to use the original plastic Nailer made from 100% recycled HDPE #2 plastic you are selecting one of the greenest building products on the market. Whether your choice in The Nailer is plastic or metal, you are saving our natural resources and conserving our environment while building more energy efficient structure.

Reduces Costly Callbacks Due to Truss Uplift

By placing The Nailer on the top plate to either side of the truss as it passes over a wall running perpendicular to the truss, and then fastening the drywall to The Nailer in the corner (not the truss), you are allowing the truss to arch and move if it needs to without ripping out the corner joint from the wall.

Price and Service

We offer The Nailer at great wholesale prices and always give Habitat for Humanity (our oldest customer) great discounts.  Additionally, we back up our product with offers and service that is unmatched. We believe fervently in our product and our ability to serve our customer’s needs. Free shipping is always provided.



Save over $2,699 per 2,000 square ft.

Meets Green Building Material Criteria

Produced by socially and environmentally responsible companies

The Nailer is produced sustainably-harvested, extracted, processed, and transported efficiently and with minimal impact.

  • Low –Embodied Energy
  • Locally Produced
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Made from Natural or Renewable Materials
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Nontoxic
  • Resource-Efficient
  • Reliant On Renewable Resources
  • Nonpolluting
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