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The Nailer Drywall Backer

Very seldom does a product come along that proves user-friendly and cost-effective. Whether you are drywall or framing contractor, builder, homeowner, or supplier, The Nailer is the solution you have been searching for.

For every 200 Metal Nailers, you will receive a FREE Nailer Dispenser

The Mighty Nailer

Galvanized steel drywall backer

The Original Nailer

Recycled HDPE plastic drywall backer

The Nailer Dispenser

Holds 50 Nailers for quick release

The Nailer Clamshell Kit

All-in-one package that is a perfect tool kit


The Nailer Dispenser

We are excited to offer the new Nailer Dispenser! A revolutionary product that will cut down on your installation times. The Dispenser comfortably holds 50 Nailers, ready to go at your fingertips.

The Dispenser is made from high-grade plastic and is engineered to work every time, with no jams. It also comes with a belt clip, so no more fumbling and losing time. You can quickly load another stack straight into the top without removing it from your belt.

Be sure to pick up the number one accessory for the number one product today!

The Nailer – #1

  • Eliminates extra wood or metal backing on the top plates and vertical corners
  • Reduces blocking time up to a staggering 80%
  • Less wood and metal to cut through for electrical and plumbing installations
  • Hip roofs need no bottom cords on jack trusses
  • Increases energy efficiency and saves money while building green

How We Save You Money?

Using The Nailer cuts labor by 80% and reduces material costs. The #1 product gets better!

“The box of 200 Nailers saved me lots of 2×4 blocking, money, time, and headaches. My drywaller had never seen them before and said he thought they were great.”

JEFF – Customer

“Work great for places that are difficult to install 2x backing, and with the price of a 2×4 these days, installing a handful of these is a lot cheaper too.”

JONATHAN – Customer

“Great product! Easy to install. We used these where we didn’t have a joist to attach the ends of ceiling drywall. It helped to watch the Youtube videos first.”

MAGZ – Reviewer

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